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25 Birds That Bring Good Luck (Photos, ID, & Info)

Do you want to know about different types of birds that bring good luck? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Well, it turns out that some cultures believe that certain types of birds bring good luck.

For example, there is a Chinese tradition where if you see a crane before you start an important task it will bring good luck. And in many parts of the world seeing an owl on your front porch is considered to be bad luck.

I did some research on birds that bring luck and found some interesting facts. I’ve compiled a list of 25 birds that bring good luck from around the world.

Some of these you can own as pets and some are just birds that you need to be looking out for in your everyday life.

If you are interested in learning about all of them then read on…

Which Bird is a Symbol of Good Luck?

Bird NameFamilyCulture/Region/BeliefsSymbolism
CraneGruidaeJapan, China, KoreaLongevity, good fortune, happiness
PhoenixPhoenicopteridaeChinese, Greek, EgyptianRebirth, renewal, immortality
PeacockPhasianidaeIndia, ChristianityBeauty, pride, protection
StorkCiconiidaeGermany, Holland, PolandFertility, rebirth, family, protection
SwallowHirundinidaeChina, Japan, EuropeSpring, renewal, happiness, success
PelicanPelecanidaeChristianity, EgyptSacrifice, charity, motherhood
MagpieCorvidaeChina, Korea, EuropeGood luck, fortune, prosperity
OwlStrigidaeNative American, GreekWisdom, intuition, protection
DoveColumbidaeChristianity, HinduismPeace, love, hope
FalconFalconidaeNative American, EgyptianSpeed, freedom, courage, victory
HeronArdeidaeNative American, EgyptianPatience, reflection, prosperity
RoosterPhasianidaeChina, ChristianityCourage, honesty, protection
Blue JayCorvidaeNative American, ChristianityCreativity, clarity, communication
AlbatrossProcellariidaeSailors, Pacific IslandersNavigation, good luck, freedom
HummingbirdTrochilidaeNative American, AztecJoy, love, beauty, endurance
PigeonColumbidaeGreece, EgyptLove, peace, devotion
SparrowPasseridaeChina, JapanHappiness, joy, loyalty
EagleAccipitridaeNative American, GreekFreedom, strength, power
ParrotPsittacidaeIndia, South AmericaCommunication, intelligence, beauty
PeafowlPhasianidaeIndia, ChristianityBeauty, pride, protection
CanaryFringillidaeEurope, AfricaJoy, happiness, cheerfulness
KiwiApterygidaeNew ZealandCreativity, balance, harmony
RobinMuscicapidaeEurope, ChristianitySpring, new beginnings, happiness
GooseAnatidaeNative American, CelticLoyalty, vigilance, teamwork
QuetzalTrogonidaeMayanFreedom, beauty, power, wisdom

25 Birds That Bring Good Luck – Symbol of Good Luck Bird

1) The Crane:

The Crane - one of those birds that bring good luck

The Crane is perhaps the most well known lucky bird. This might be due to the Chinese tradition of seeing a crane before an important task will bring good luck.

However, it isn’t only limited to Chinese tradition, there are many cultures that share the belief that a crane brings good luck.

In some parts of Italy seeing a heron will bring good luck. In Japan, they believe if you see a crane with its baby it will bring great fortune to your home.

2) The Owl:

The owl

In the western hemisphere, this bird of prey is associated with death and evil omens. In ancient Greece, owls were symbols of either wisdom or stupidity depending upon whether they appeared to be watching or sleeping.

In Northern Europe, the owl was considered a messenger of death. All in all, it’s best not to look an owl in the eyes if you are superstitious…

3) The Chickadee:


The Chickadee is native to North America and lives in heavily wooded areas. If one crosses your path, it is considered good luck.

It’s actually a member of the Titmouse family and has a cute black cap with no facial markings to confuse you.

4) The Dove:


In Christianity, this bird represents the Holy Spirit. In Eastern cultures, it symbolizes peace, purity, and love. Also in Christian culture doves are thought to be a sign of a bride’s virginity.

In Judaism, doves are important symbols of peace and truthfulness. There is even a place in the Bible that talks about how great God’s love for us is because He sent his only son to be sacrificed by a dove. Pretty cool!

5) The Goldfinch:


In many cultures including Italian, Dutch, Austrian, German, and Swedish- the Goldfinch is a sign of good luck. It is also said that if you have one in your hand no wish will remain unfulfilled. Honestly, I didn’t know that the Goldfinch is one of those birds that bring good luck.

6) The Robin:


The Robin was thought to bring fire from heaven by the Native Americans who named it Crowberry Eye.

In England the Robin is known as the “summer bird” and in 1912 it was voted to be Britain’s Bird of the Year because it arrived at a time when other birds had disappeared.

In America, if you see a robin on your lawn or hear one singing near your window, make a wish and it will come true.

7) The Sparrow:


In the UK, six sparrows bring luck and in Rome, if you see a single sparrow it is thought to be an omen of good fortune.

The Japanese think that seeing a sparrow on your porch means that someone who lives far away misses you.

Chinese tradition said that if a boy sees one in his dream, he will have a very bright future.

8) The Goldcrest:


In the UK this little bird is thought to bring good luck and happiness. In Germany, it brings money, in Denmark, it protects your home from fire and in Belgium, if you have one in your house you will be healthy all year long.

The Goldcrest also goes by the name of Fire Finch which makes sense because it was thought that seeing one could bring about a fire.

9) The Blackbird:


The blackbird is also considered as one of those birds that bring good luck. In Great Britain, if you hear the first blackbird call in the morning, you are said to be destined for love or money.

In Germany, this bird means good health will be bestowed upon you. It is also thought to be a sign of spring and rebirth.

10) The Magpie:


In Germanic countries, the magpie brings good luck if you see one on your way home from work. In Great Britain, it is “lucky” to see a white and not a black magpie. But seeing either of them is lucky because it means that you will have good company for the next 12 months.

11) The Swallow:


In Germanic countries it brings money and in China, if you see one on your way to work, it’s a sign of good fortune. Also in Hindu tradition, the swallow is known as the bird that carries messages from the human world to the gods and spirits. This little guy is said to carry wishes back with it.

12) The Sparrow Hawk:

sparrow hawk

In Christian tradition, seeing one is said to be a good omen for the New Year because it foretells the coming of children. It was also thought in some countries that this bird would help single women find husbands.

13) The Blue Jay:

blue jay

The Blue Jay is actually a member of the crow family and in North America, if you see one it’s believed to be a sign that your desires will come true.

It also represents protection because Native Americans used its feathers in their headdresses for just this reason.

14 The Cuckoo:


In England, this bird brings good luck and is thought to be a sign of summer. In France, if you hear one on your way to work it’s a sign of success and in Austria and Germany, it is also said to bring happiness.

15) The Peacock:


Ahhh the peacock! I do love him. According to Christian legend, it is believed that the peacock was created when Eve took a big bite of an apple. But don’t worry, she spit out the seeds and they became the gorgeous pea-feathered bird.

It is said in Hindu tradition that this bird carries souls into heaven after death and is also known as “the preacher” because “his one eternal cry proclaims the truth of rebirth and regeneration.”

16) The Thrush:


In ancient Greece, the thrush was a sacred bird because its song was thought to be prophetic. This little guy is also said to bring money and stability if you see one after a storm.

He’s the protector of sailors too because ancient people believed that he could protect ships from storms at sea. I heard it singing on my porch this morning…

17) The Robin Red breast:

robin red breast

The Robin Red breast is the only bird that has two traditions associated with it. In France, if you see one on your left it’s a good omen for the year because it means happiness will overwhelm you.

If you see him on your right, however, that means terrible luck will soon befall you. This brings us to Germany where it’s believed that seeing a robin redbreast means a person is coming to visit.

18) The Seagull:  


In Germany, if you see this bird it means summer is on its way, and in England, seeing one before Christmas will bring good luck for the entire year. In Hebrew tradition, his cry sounds like “chai”, which means life. So it’s no surprise that seeing one is said to bring good luck and fortune.

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19) The Swan:  


The swan can be found in many cultures throughout the world, each with its own interpretation of this beautiful bird. For example, seeing one on your left forewarns of betrayal by your partner, while seeing one on your right is supposed to mean betrayal by a close friend.

If you hear its song before breakfast it’s said in Germany, that friendship will come into your life in the next year. In Hindu tradition, the swan represents grace and elegance in all things. So when they appear in poetry or literature, they stand for the finest things in life.

20) The Pigeon:


The pigeon is associated with peace and love like most birds, but the Japanese believe that seeing one before beginning a journey means you will return home safely.

This brings us to China where they are lucky if one comes to their house because it’s supposed to mean good luck for the whole year! I’m sure these birds would be happy knowing they are so lucky.

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21) The Coot:


The coot is not often seen in North America, but it’s commonly found in Europe and Asia. Many cultures throughout history have considered this bird to be extremely bad luck because its call sounds like “cuckoo” which is why you won’t see it in North America.

22) The Eagle:


As the ruler of birds, the eagle symbolizes strength and power. Seeing one was thought to foretell victory in the battle for American Indians. It also means hope, courage, and vision when found in art or literature. We all know how tough they are, but did you know their feathers were used to make spears?

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23) The Falcon:


Falcons bring victory and good luck in sports. Ancient Egyptians considered them harbingers of spring because that’s when their migrations started. Seeing one was once thought to protect the dead (and it still is in the case of falconry).

24) The Flamingo:


The way that flamingos stand on one leg is thought to resemble the ancient Egyptian god, Anubis. So when you find this guy in art or literature it’s believed that peace and tranquility will follow.

It was also considered good luck for sailors because people believed that they would bring them to the Land of the Dead! In some cultures, it’s a sign of love because its pink color symbolizes passion.

25) The Goose:


Geese are symbols of transformation and eternal life in many cultures throughout history. Seeing one was thought to mean a continuation of time or safety during a journey. So if you see one, there’s no need to worry because they are signs of good luck!

Which bird is a symbol of long life?

The crane is considered lucky in ancient Chinese tradition because it is believed that they live for two hundred years. It also brings peace and harmony, which leads to good luck.

Crane’s are considered symbols of longevity by many cultures throughout the world. This myth has led to some interesting interpretations of this symbol over time.

Which bird symbolizes happiness?

The pigeon is considered lucky in many cultures because of its “peaceful” nature.

To some, the dove represents hope and peace. It’s said to be a messenger of love and has even been used as a symbol for Christians to represent the Holy Spirit.

However, some see the dove as representing loneliness while some just think it stands for happiness in general.

In Hindu tradition, the swan is a symbol of grace and beauty that represents good luck. In many cultures throughout history, it’s been used as a sign of peace as well. So if you see one of these birds on your left before going on a journey, you know it will be safe!

What is the bird of love called?

The dove is believed to be the bird of love in many cultures.

In ancient Greece, Aphrodite was said to have transformed into a white dove in order to escape the monster Typhon. It’s even mentioned when she “rose from the sea” when she emerged naked with her son Eros (Cupid).

Doves can be found in art and literature in order to represent love and happiness.

In China, the magpie symbolizes good luck because of its song “Jie Liang Hong” which means “to go along for a long time.”

In ancient Greece, it’s considered a sign of contentment! It was also used as a symbol of good luck in ancient Rome. In that culture, it represents joy and a wish for love!

In some cultures, the magpie is believed to be an omen of bad luck– only if they’re seen on the left side of the road though.

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Does pigeon bring good luck?

Pigeons have a long history which some people think it dates back to the era of Noah! when his arc was anchored near a mountain after the massive flood and he sent pigeons to see if the flood has gone or not.

When it comes to yes, the pigeon is considered a good luck bird in many beliefs. In fact, it is also considered a symbol of peace and harmony too.

So next time when someone ask you which bird is a symbol of good fortune you can mention the pigeon as one lucky bird name.

Last Minute Thoughts!

Birds are beautiful creatures of God and they are an important part of our ecosystem. However, there are different beliefs in which some birds are considered a symbol of good luck, peace, and happiness.

In this article, I’ve listed 25 different types of birds that bring good luck. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. If there’s anything on your mind please feel free to share it with me using the comment section.

I think not many people know about these birds and it would be best if you share this article with your friends and family.

Stay Safe and happy bird watching…

Thank you for reading!

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