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Do Blue Jays Scare Off Other Birds? Mobsters of the Skies

Every birdwatcher dream of a feeder full of different species of birds in his or her backyard.

However, sometimes we don’t see other birds when there are blue jays so what does that mean?

Do Blue Jays scare off other birds?

Blue jays have a reputation for being fiercely territorial, and they will often use intimidation tactics to scare away other birds when they approach bird feeders or venture into the blue jay’s space. These techniques range from attacking smaller birds to mobbing against any larger species that approaches their area.

However, there is a lot more to learn about these fascinating birds. In this article, I will tell you whether or not blue jays get along with other birds.

I will also tell you about their behavior towards some common birds that we normally see on our feeders. 

If this sounds interesting enough to you then keep on reading!

Do Blue Jays Scare Off Other Birds  Mobsters of the Skies

Do Blue Jays fight other birds?

First of all, let’s talk about the behavior of blue jays generally and discuss whether they fight other birds in the wild or not. 

The answer is yes, they are quite aggressive in different conditions and will usually fight other birds. 

The most common cases of aggression are when they are trying to defend their nests or young.

In this case, they will usually mob other birds and can even attack them if they feel threatened. 

When it comes to defending their food source, blue jays might also become aggressive and fight off other birds that approach the bird feeder.

They have very sharp beaks and claws which make them well-equipped for these kinds of conflicts.

When it comes to smaller birds such as sparrows, cardinals, finches, etc. blue jays attack them directly in order to shoo them off from their desired location. 

However, when it comes to larger birds such as crows, ravens, etc. since blue jays are small and can’t attack them directly then they form an aggressive mob against them. 

Under such conditions, the larger bird is usually outnumbered and the best chance of survival is to run away for its life.

However, this behavior is often seen when a bird is entering the territory of blue jays.

Do Blue Jays and other birds get along?

When it comes to peaceful co-existence, blue jays are not the most considerate species.

They can be territorial, and aggressive and bully other birds even if they have plenty of food available at their feeders. 

However, despite all this, it is possible for blue jays and other bird species to live in harmony as long they are given enough space or a large enough feeder which can accommodate both parties without any conflict. 

They are usually seen on bird feeders with other birds but they are always alert.

You may have noticed them taking the food from the feeder and sitting somewhere safe to eat it and then taking another bite. 

A cunning blue jay trying to scare other birds

What Birds are Afraid of Blue Jays?

Blue jays belong to the Corvid family which has around 100 species. Now the unique thing about corvids is that they are extremely intelligent birds.

There are tests conducted by scientists and researchers to test the problem-solving skills of crows, blue jays, and other members of the family. 

This means that they are much better than other birds when it comes to problem-solving and also understanding the behavior of their prey.

So it is no surprise that other bird species fear them a lot as they can easily outsmart them. 

Below is a list of all the birds that are afraid of blue jays.

Some of them might not be afraid of them directly but blue jays use their gang tactic to outnumber and outsmart them. 

Birds That Are Scared of Blue Jays:

  • American Goldfinch
  • Cedar Waxwing 
  • House Finch 
  • Mourning Dove 
  • White Breasted Nuthatch 
  • Eastern Towhee 
  • Northern Cardinal 
  • Downy Woodpecker  
  • Dark Eyed Junco  
  • Tufted Titmouse  
  • Ruby Throated Hummingbird  
  • American Robin 
  • Brown Thrasher  
  • Red Winged Blackbird  
blue jay supremacy

What Birds Are Blue Jays Afraid Of?

Despite their aggressive behavior and cunning tactics, there are some birds, blue jays are afraid of. 

This is because some of these birds are larger than their size while others can be too defensive against jays

Here is a list of all the birds that scare blue jays away:

1. Grackles vs Blue Jays

When it comes to grackles, they are much larger in size and hence can be a challenge for the blue jays.

Grackles also have quite an assertive nature which makes them naturally more aggressive against blue jays when it comes to defending their territory or food sources.

2. Crows vs Blue Jays

Crows don’t usually like blue jays because of their habit of eating crows’ eggs, nestlings, and other birds’ young ones.

Blue jays are not afraid of the crows but still try to keep away from them due to their larger size. 

3. Owls vs Blue Jays

Owls are one species that blue jays really fear due to their sharp talons and powerful wingspan which could easily overpower a blue jay.

So, whenever a blue jay spots an owl nearby, it immediately flies away from the area. 

4. Hawks vs Blue Jays

Hawks are also birds that can easily overpower a blue jay with their razor-sharp talons and strong wingspan which makes them more intimidating for the blue jays. 

Hence, they try to stay as far as possible from the hawks when in their vicinity.  

5. Eagles vs Blue Jays

Eagles are known for being very territorial and aggressive toward other birds including blue jays due to their size and strength.

Blue jays usually try to keep away from these powerful birds they even hear their cry or spot them flying around in the sky. 

6. Vultures vs Blue Jays

Vultures are also very intimidating for blue jays due to their size and strength.

They usually don’t take any nonsense from other birds including blue jays and hence it is better for them to stay away from these powerful creatures of the sky. 

Blue jays are smart, aggressive birds that can be a nuisance when competing with other bird species for food or nesting sites. 

However, despite their behavior, they still have an important role in the environment as they help to keep pest populations under control through predation and scavenging. 

With proper management in place, blue jays and other bird species can coexist peacefully, allowing both parties to thrive without conflict. 

Blue jays gang fighting with each other

Reasons Why Blue Jays Chase Away Other Animals

Now that we have learned about the behavior of jays towards other birds, it is also important to learn why are they so aggressive and mean to other birds. 

It should be kept in mind that blue jays are not always bullies and they can live peacefully with other birds on bird feeders and also in the wild. 

However, the following circumstances make them aggressive to other small and large birds and they may even start fighting. 

1. When A Bird is Entering Their Territory

As I have told you earlier, birds like blue jays are very territorial and if they see any other bird entering their territory, they will start to show signs of aggression.

They may do this by making loud noises or flying around the intruder in an attempt to get it to leave.

2. If a Bird is Trying to Steal Their Food or Nesting Site 

The next situation that makes a blue jay aggressive to other birdies is when they try to mess up with their food, nests, or eggs.

Blue jays will never compromise on these things and no matter whether it is a bird or an animal, they will try their best to fight them and protect their belongings. 

3. Protect their flock when resting 

If blue jays are bathing or taking rests in a flock, then they will become very aggressive to anyone who tries to disturb them.

This is because they want their flock to stay safe from any disturbance and hence take defensive measures against the intruder. 

4. When Blue Jays Are Migrating 

Migration is an important process for birds like blue jays as it helps them in finding new places for food and shelter.

During this period, blue jays can be very aggressive towards other animals or birds who try to interfere with their migration path as they do not want anything getting in the way of reaching their destination safely. 

5. Protecting Their Young Ones 

Blue jays are very protective of their young ones and if they see another bird, animal or even human near their nest, they will be more aggressive to protect their young ones. They will try to scare the intruder away in order to make sure that their babies remain safe from any harm. 

Last Minute Thoughts!

If you have made it this far you will have learned whether or not blue jays scare away other birds. Besides that, you will also have an understanding of the reasons why they attack other birds and animals. 

It should be noted that blue jays can be very aggressive and intimidating to other birds, but they also have some important roles such as controlling pest populations. With proper management and understanding, blue jays and other bird species can coexist peacefully without any conflict. 

I hope you have not only enjoyed reading this article but also found it quite helpful and interesting. If yes please consider sharing it with your friends and family too!

Thank you so much and happy birdwatching!

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