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How to Get a Pigeon to Trust You

If you are a pigeon lover then you must want to feed pigeons from your hands. But the main problem is How to get a pigeon to trust you?

Pigeons will learn to trust you after seeing that you’re their regular feeding provider. Bring a few loaves of bread or bird food with you when you want to approach them and allow them to eat in peace.

However, there are some other things than just feeding the pigeon. It is true that just by feeding them regularly you can attract pigeons. But you can’t still make them fully trust you.

Luckily you have come to the right place because, in this article, I will teach you how to make a pigeon trust you easily. This will be a step-by-step guide so you won’t have any issues at all while learning the process.

Note: this process can be slow and time taking so you need to be patient during the whole process.

How to Get a Pigeon to Trust You? – The Complete Process

How to Get a Pigeon to Trust You

When it comes to learning how to gain a pigeons trust you need to be very patient and avoid rushing things.

Here is a step-by-step approach to befriending a pigeon.

So how do you get a pigeon to trust you?

Step 1: Show up at the Same Spot Regularly

One of the key things to get a pigeon to trust you is that you need to show up at the same spot regularly. Pigeons are creatures of habit and if they see that you come in their territory regularly, then this will surely win them over.

So when you plan on befriending a pigeon, go there in the morning when the sun is shining brightly. This way the pigeon will feel secure and will eventually come to you for food.

Step 2: Hold Your Arms Out

Once you have shown up at the same place, be interesting to them. Holding your arms out like a scarecrow is the way to go because this will definitely get their attention.

Most of the time, they will just sit on a nearby tree branch, wall or roof and watch you closely while you hold your arms out. So be prepared that you might have an audience while doing this!

Step 3: Move Slowly Towards Them While Holding Out Food

Once the pigeon has started to feel more relaxed around you, this is the time you need to show them the food. But before doing so, make sure that you have a firm grip on it so they don’t fly away at the last moment!  

Move slowly towards the pigeon while holding out small amounts of food or bread crumbs. This will surely make them come closer to you. Don’t move too quickly because this might scare them away at the last moment.

Step 4: Approach Slowly

The next step is to approach slowly, but don’t put your hand out because this will scare them away. Just sit near the bird and enjoy the moment without having any fear of being pecked or shooed away.

There are chances that they might fly off to a nearby tree branch but that’s fine. Don’t try to force them to stay with you because that might freak them out and they’ll never trust you again!

Remember that pigeons are very intelligent creatures and if treated in a humane way, can quickly learn to trust humans. So make sure that you show your love in the proper manner and the pigeon will surely reciprocate the same!

Step 5: Feed them Regularly

Now that you have gained the trust of the pigeon, it’s time to feed them regularly. But instead of throwing the food at them randomly, try placing it on a flat surface so they can easily reach out and eat without any issues.

After feeding them in this way for about two-three days, slowly start approaching and offering food from your hand. This is a sign of trust and they will soon start eating from your palm without any issues whatsoever.

Remember, once you have gained their trust, never abuse it by pelting them with stones or shooing them away because this might make the pigeon lose trust in humans forever!

How long does it take for a pigeon to trust you?

pigeons looking for food

This process of getting a pigeon to trust you might take anywhere between seven days to even one month. So make sure that you give them time and create some patience because the more time they see you, the more they will start liking your presence!

how to get a pigeon to come to you

One way to get a pigeon to come to you is to offer it food. Pigeons are often attracted to seeds, breadcrumbs, or cracked corn. You can also try offering the pigeon a small amount of water.

It’s important to move slowly and avoid making sudden movements, as this can scare the pigeon away.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to establish a regular feeding schedule so the pigeon becomes accustomed to coming to you at a specific time each day.

Why do pigeons like bread?

Bread is an all-time favorite for birds and that is mainly because white bread contains yeast. This yeast helps them in breaking down the carbs and sugars found in bread, which they cannot eat by themselves!

Do pigeons bond with humans?

Yes, pigeons can start trusting you completely if you give them the time. Once they start bonding with you, they will also see humans as their friends and family members!

However, the bonding process may be a bit time taking. It depends on your hard work and dedication too.

What do pigeons like to play with?

There are no certain inanimate objects that pigeons like to play with. But if you provide them with things like feathers, yarn, or colored paper strips then they will surely enjoy playing with them!

What do pigeons eat?

Bread is one of the most common food items that birds love eating. They also like eating millet, oats, rice, and cracked corn. Seeds like canary and finch seeds are also favorites!

What do baby pigeons eat?

Babies cannot feed themselves because they don’t have the strength in them to peck hard food. Like their parents, babies love eating millet and other types of seeds.

They also need soft foods like ground-boiled eggshells mixed with water, which can help them in gaining proteins and calcium!

Do pigeons bite?

Pigeons don’t bite humans unless they are severely provoked or feel threatened. Instead, if you give them food and treat them in a humane way then they will not only like your presence but also reciprocate the same!

Do pigeons carry diseases?

It is not easy for pigeons to carry diseases because they are very clean animals. They are also usually found in large numbers, which means that the chances of them contracting a disease are very rare!

Do pigeons bring good luck?

The answer to this question is yes and no. It depends on the culture, beliefs, and customs of different people.

However, in most cultures, pigeons are said to bring good luck because they signify peace and freedom!

Top Tips to Get a Pigeon to Trust You

two cute pigeons kissing each other
  • Pigeons like to gather close to where people are. You need to take your time and be patient with them.
  • To see the pigeons, go on your own or with a friend who is an adult. Children may get too excited and scare the pigeons when they chase them or run around them.
  • Carry food with you. Put it where pigeons are, and sprinkle it around you so they come to your area.
  • Sit and don’t move to make the birds feel comfortable. It is good for them to feed.
  • Once the birds trust you, put some food in your hand. You might spend time before one bird approaches you. Don’t move much or the birds will get scared and fly away.
  • When you pet a bird, another one might come and feed off your hand. You can use a finger to stroke the bird’s chest.
  • You can place some of the food on your shoulders or legs and watch the birds come to you later. The pigeons will eventually stop seeing you as a danger and be able to recognize you from a distance.
  • If one of your birds is hurt or in need of assistance, pigeons might come to you. They’re smart enough to realize that a human being may help them if they’ve injured their leg or wing. Pigeons won’t object to being stroked if you’re polite.

Amazing Facts About Pigeons

  • Pigeons have a keen sense of direction. They never fly in the wrong direction, which proves they are very intelligent.
  • Pigeons have the best navigation skill due to which they don’t forget their way back to home
  • Pigeons are one of the best fliers around and it’s because of their unique ability to fly forward while rotating through 360 degrees. This helps them fly in a straight line without having to pay attention to which way they’re going.
  • Pigeons can travel as far as 50-60 miles each day and still return home with no problems. They eat lots of food during the day and make sure they stay healthy.
  • Pigeons are very smart birds and love to make new friends! You’ll be amazed at the bond you can share with these beautiful creatures once you get over your fears of approaching wild pigeons.
  • They live in groups of 20 – 30 and mostly fly together for feeding.
  • Pigeons can recognize the alphabet and can differentiate between people, even when they’re in a photo.
  • Pigeons can look in the mirror and recognize themselves, unlike other birds. A mirror test is a useful tool utilized by scientists to investigate animal and avian intelligence.

Final Words

How to Get a Pigeon to Trust You? well this might sound a bit difficult but it is actually doable. You can get a pigeon or even a flock of pigeons to trust you if you keep feeding them regularly.

Make sure to show up at the same spot with something to eat for them. Also, don’t make any sudden moves, and don’t rush things at all. Slowly put the food and wait for the bird to recognize that you are not a threat.

So this is how to befriend a pigeon!

I hope you’ve learned many things from this article and enjoyed reading it. Please share it with your friends and family to make their day too.

Thank you for reading!!!

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