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Why Don’t We Eat Roosters? Facts Explained

Eating roosters may sound very odd to some of you but have you ever thought why don’t we eat roosters?

People in western countries don’t eat roosters simply because their meat is tough to cook properly. Besides that, they are not economical as compared to regular broiler chicken. Another reason is that they are very aggressive sometimes. 

However, there’s a lot more to learn in addition to the above question: why don’t we eat roosters. I know some of you might be already shocked to learn that people in Asian countries eat them normally.

Let’s learn more about roosters and see what are the main reasons due to which people in western countries avoid eating them.

If you are interested to learn then keep on reading…

What is the Difference Between a Rooster and a Hen?

Why Don’t We Eat Roosters Facts Explained

The term “Rooster” is used to refer to a male chicken whereas the term “hen” is mainly used for female chickens.

There are many reasons why people might not be eating roosters but one of these is their association with cockfighting. This cruel sport involves tying up gamecocks and letting them fight to the death.

They are less economical as compared to hens. Roosters are usually considered tough and less lean than hens due to their large breast.

However, there are also some other reasons why people avoid eating roosters like they can be aggressive; they are not as popular as their female counterparts the hens; they are unpopular at markets because of their lack of meat quality, and people prefer hens due to their attractive color.

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Is Rooster Meat Tastier Than ‘Ordinary’ Chicken?

Before we go any deeper into the topic “why don’t we eat roosters” let me tell you about its taste a bit.

Rooster meat may taste a bit salty and is spicier as compared to ‘ordinary’ chicken. It can be used in traditional cuisines like Korean, Chinese, etc. In addition to that, rooster skin is tough which makes it difficult to cook properly.

Due to their tough skin rooster meat is usually chewy and requires a longer duration to proper cooking which is one of the main reasons people avoid it.

They are also not as popular as their female counterparts the hens. Roosters are less economical as compared to hens and they can be difficult to cook properly.

How Would you Cook a Rooster Properly?

Well, I must admit that I am not a chef and if by any chance Chef Ramsy is reading this article then I apologize before you call me a st*pid Do*key lol!

However, I have some Asian friends who told me how exactly they cook roosters on different occasions.

Here’s how you can properly cook a rooster and avoid making a mess.

The first thing you need to do is to cut it into parts and cook them separately. You can use salt to reduce the toughness of rooster meat.

In addition to that, you can also add some oil to water because roosters need a longer duration to get cooked properly due to their tough skin. You should always avoid roasting the rooster because it may turn to be too tough for consumption.

Are Roosters Aggressive?

A graceful rooster standing and posing for a picture

There are many reasons why don’t we eat roosters and one of those is their aggressive behavior. There have been cases where people have been badly hurt from the sharp beaks and spurs of roosters.

People prefer hens due to their attractive color. Roosters can also become very aggressive during mating season which is another reason many people avoid eating them.

Roosters are mainly aggressive towards unknown or strange objects which is why they tend to get violent when they are kept in confinement. This makes it difficult for the farmers to keep roosters in their farms with hens.

What is the Difference Between Rooster Meat and Hen Meat?

The main difference between the rooster and the hen’s meat is the amount of fat and proteins. According to some studies, roosters have more proteins and less amount of fat while chickens or hens have less protein as compared to roosters and more fats.

However, I also noticed that roosters have low amino acids and iron levels as compared to hens which makes them the less economical choice for consumption.

Are There Any Benefits of Eating Rooster Meat?

Yes, there are a couple of benefits you can enjoy by eating rooster meat.

Firstly, roosters have less fat and cholesterol levels which make them healthier when compared to hens. Secondly, they have higher nutritional value as compared to ‘ordinary’ chicken due to their high protein content.

In addition to that, roosters are also low in calories which make them the healthier choice for consumption.

Also, rooster meat can be used in traditional cuisines like Korean, Chinese, etc. It has become widely popular in some parts of Asia and is gaining its popularity in America as well.

Traditional Chickens vs Broiler Chickens

classic picture of a domestic rooster

There is a difference between traditional chickens and broiler chickens. It has been found that the meat of traditional chickens contains around two to two and a half times more fat as compared to poultry or broilers which makes it high on calories.

Therefore, if you are a health-conscious person then you should go for broiler chicken instead of a traditional one because it is healthier due to its low levels of fats.

Is It Legal to Eat Rooster Meat?

It is legal to eat rooster meat according to USDA or United States Department of Agriculture standards. You need to make sure that the rooster meets all their standards and is certified before you eat it.

However, there are some countries where eating roosters have been banned because of its religious and cultural significance for them. You should always keep yourself updated regarding such laws before eating it.

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How Long Does It Take to Cook Rooster Meat?

Cooking time for rooster meat depends on the method of cooking you are using. Roosters need to be cooked in a slow manner since they are tougher than hens.

You should always cook it with the minimum amount of oil or water because it has high-fat content which can make your dish greasy which is not desired.

How Long Does Rooster Meat Stay Good for?

Roosters can stay good for around two days if stored properly in the refrigerator. Make sure you always keep the leftovers after cooking them and store them properly to avoid bacterial growth.

You should never eat meat that has been stored for more than two days because it is dangerous to consume as it can cause food poisoning.

How Many Calories Does Rooster Meat Contain?

Rooster meat contains a high amount of proteins and fats which make it a healthier choice for consumption if prepared in the right way with the minimum amount of added spices.

However, roosters have a high caloric value as compared to hens which make them harder to digest.

Therefore, if you are on a diet then you should avoid consuming them as much as possible because they have high caloric value and are not suitable for your daily intake of calories.

Are Rooster Bones Dangerous?

Yes, rooster bones can be dangerous for your health especially if you are not aware of the correct method of eating them.

Roosters have a thin lower bone that can be broken very easily and cause serious injuries if it penetrates through your food pipe.

Therefore, you should always cut roosters into small pieces before eating to avoid such accidents from happening. It is much safer than cutting whole roosters.

Are There Any Benefits of Eating Rooster Meat?

Roosters gang

Rooster meat has many benefits to offer which include the following:

  1. It is high on proteins
  2. Low in fats compared to traditional chickens
  3. They are easy to digest
  4. Less caloric value as compared to other meats
  5. They help in building bones, skin, and other tissues
  6. Rooster meat contains selenium which is required for the healthy functioning of your body’s glands
  7. It helps to produce male hormones like testosterone
  8. Rooster meat has anti-cancer properties
  9. It improves liver function
  10. It helps to prevent memory loss
  11. It keeps your brain sharp and boosts your concentration levels
  12. Improved heart health
  13. Great for your immunity system
  14. Good for eye health and vision
  15. Supports healthy hair growth and nail growth.  

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How Much Protein Does a Rooster Contain?

You can find around 2.64 grams of protein in 100 grams of rooster meat which is much higher than other meats like chicken and beef. It means if you are looking to increase your protein intake then you can consider eating roosters because it will help in increasing your body’s metabolism rate.

Final Words

Why don’t we eat roosters? It is simply because the rooster takes a bit longer to cook properly. It has tough skin which delays the cooking process. Moreover, rooster meat tastes a bit different as compared to regular broiler chicken.

Rooster meat should be consumed in moderation and cooked in the right way to avoid food poisoning and other related issues.

If you want to prepare roosters then you should also know that it requires cooking time, which is why roosters need to be marinated before cooking them. This makes the meat tender and juicy even after cooking for a long period of time.

Rooster meat contains high amounts of selenium which has anti-cancer properties and helps in keeping your heart healthy by improving its functionalities. 

It is a great alternative for those who are looking to lose weight or have a high protein intake.

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