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How to Attract Birds to Your Balcony? (5 Steps)

Do you know how to attract birds to your balcony? Attracting birds to your balcony can be a lot of work. There are many factors involved in providing the perfect habitat for these feathered creatures, and not all of them are easy to put into practice.

This article will walk you through some helpful tips on how to attract birds to your home without too much hassle.

I’ll start with the basics: what type do you want? Some common types include cardinals, sparrows, blue jays, wrens, robins, chickadees, and titmice – just name it! The first step is making sure that you have an adequate supply of bird feeders in order to provide food for them when they come around.

One way is by hanging up one of those multi-bird feeders that you can put seeds and other food into, and then watch as it all gets eaten up.

The problem with those feeders is that the birds may eat out of them but never take up residence on your balcony simply because there isn’t any place to perch or roost.

In this article, I will teach you how to attract birds to your balcony. So let’s get started.

How to Attract Birds to Your Balcony?

How to Attract Birds to Your Balcony  (5 Steps)

Here are some solutions to this problem. First, you shouldn’t have just one bird feeder out there – have several of them.

You can have one for seed, another for dried mealworms (which many birds like), and yet another that will provide suet (a type of fat) in the winter when bugs aren’t around, and all year long if you choose.

You can also put a tray of freshwater out for them to drink from as well. If you want to attract bluebirds, then go buy or build a bluebird house that they can move into when they come by.

The reason why birds have certain preferences is that they get bored with the same old thing every day. By providing a variety of food and housing options you will encourage them to stick around for quite some time.

Is it necessary to put up bird feeders and other amenities in order to ensure that they come over? Not necessarily.

Having a balcony or deck that is situated against a wooded area is enough to entice them. Also, if there are a lot of bird feeders within the vicinity then they will stick around for a bit too.

Here are some steps to attract birds to your balcony:

1. Provide them Food on your Balcony

The first and most obvious option is to provide them with food on your balcony. You can buy bags of birdseed that you just scatter around the area, or you can grow certain plants that they will naturally flock to.

Plants like holly berries are something that birds love because the seeds are easily accessible, but there are certain flowers that attract them too.

For example, you can plant nectar-producing flowers that will provide food for hummingbirds if that is what you are looking to attract.

2. Provide Shelter on your Balcony

One of the most important aspects in attracting birds is shelter because they need somewhere to escape to when it’s cold or windy, and when predators might be lurking about.

If there is a big tree on your property then that will provide the perfect place for birds to come in order to get out of the elements.

However, if there isn’t another suitable location within your vicinity, you should consider building a birdhouse. It doesn’t take long and it will get the job done.

3. Soak Up Some Sun on your Balcony

Birds like to get warm, and there is nothing better than a nice source of sunlight for them to enjoy.

You can put out a birdbath along with its accompanying feeders, which might also attract butterflies. This can be a fun project to put together, and you might just be able to get the whole family involved with this one!

4. Hide Food Treasures on your Balcony

Birds are big fans of hiding food under objects like rocks and other things in order to protect it from other animals (i.e. squirrels).

So, if you want to provide them with a source of food then give this method a try!

To sum it up, having an area that will allow them to feel at home and also provides enough sustenance is the key to getting them to stay around and become regular visitors.

As long as they feel safe and that there is plenty of food to eat then they will stick around for the long haul.

5. Keep Some Plants on your Balcony 

You don’t have to do this, but you might want to consider keeping some plants around them that they will enjoy having for their own benefit.

Plants like holly berries provide food for birds, so if there is a plant you could put up on your balcony then consider transplanting it. If you are not the gardening sort, then buy some holly berries from the store and scatter them about.

How do I Attract Small Birds to my Balcony?

A cute fluffy bird visiting my balcony every day

There are some common species of small birds that you will find on balconies all around the world, but which ones?

1. Sparrows

Common sparrows are another one of those species that doesn’t mind if their territory gets invaded, so this is an excellent option for apartment living or individuals trying to get started with bird-watching.

They are kind of like the pigeons in that regard. They will feel at home pretty much anywhere and can get used to humans easily.

2. Chickadees

Chickadees are usually confused with sparrows because they belong to the same family; however, these guys are not as common and can be a bit smaller than sparrows.

These tiny birds will build nests in birdhouses and also like to be around for the winter months, so they are perfect options for an individual who wants to attract birds that stay through the colder months.

3. Blue Jays

Blue jays won’t shy away from a bit of human interaction, and these guys love to get involved in whatever is going on around them.

They are a bit chatty compared to other species and make a raucous noise when they fly which might not be the best thing for some individuals on balconies who want peace and quiet at all times.

However, it is pretty safe to say that the blue jays are not going anywhere anytime soon, so this is a good option for individuals looking to feel at home with their neighbors.

How do I Get Big Birds on my Balcony?

pigeon looking for food on a balcony

If you want to attract bigger birds then it’s important that they have somewhere away from predators in which to build a nest and lay their eggs.

In order to do this, you need to have birdhouses which are readily available from your local pet store or can be built from scratch if you know how to use tools properly.

Here’s the deal:

1. Pigeons

Pigeons might seem like a no-brainer because they come to your feeders and hang around for seeds, but they also like to build nests on the sides of buildings.

This means that if you want pigeons on your balcony then ensure that there is a nice corner or ledge for them to make their home.

2. Blue Birds

Bluebirds need a bit of help to make it big time on your balcony.

For example, they need to be given the right environment in which to live, and this includes birdhouses that are readily accessible for them.

Basically, you put up a few nesting boxes for them at different heights off the ground then wait until they come around. Once they realize that your balcony is a great place to live then they are going to stick around for the winter months.

3. Cardinals

Cardinals are kind of like blue jays in terms of their behavior; however, these guys don’t really need anything from you and will do fine on their lonesome.

They like to be around for the winter months and can take a few knocks from predators, so this is a good one if you want to make your balcony a little more welcoming for birds.

4. Finches

Finches are another group of birds that will come around in order to take advantage of your birdhouses, but they don’t mind so much if you don’t have anything for them.

They are good about finding seeds around your balcony, but they will also come and go as they please so this is one of those species that can be a bit more independent.

How do I Attract a Variety of Birds to my Balcony?

a flock of pigeons visiting your balcony

Having a variety of birds on your balcony is always good for you because it means that there’s something around to keep the other guys company.

It also helps with protection from predators, so you need to find an environment where these different species can live together in harmony. This isn’t always easy; however, here are some tips for attracting the biggest variety of birds.

1. Use a Birdhouse with an Open Bottom

This is important because you want to ensure that predators can’t get into your house with the slightest bit of effort, but it also means that you are providing shelter for many different species of birds at once.

For example, blue jays and finches both like to live in birdhouses, and if you can give them a nice place to stay then they will be happy to stick around.

2. Add a Window Box

If your balcony is big enough then adding a window box is another great way of attracting bigger birds such as cardinals and blue jays into the area.

Just make sure that these boxes are at least 1 foot off the ground because they need to be accessible for birds to come and go.

3. Make Sure Your Balcony is Well Kept Up

This means that you need to sweep up your balcony on a daily basis so that there isn’t anything lying around that might attract predators.

For example, if you have a lot of dirt and grime on your balcony then you are going to attract rats which will eat all of the eggs that the birds lay. So focus on keeping up with this and you will find that there is a nice variety of birds around for you to watch during the warmer months.

4. Place Scratching Posts Around your Balcony

This is important because it means that smaller birds such as sparrows and finches will have a place to roost when the weather starts to get bad.

For example, they can use these scratching posts for shelter or warmth during the winter season so if you want these guys to stick around then you need to make sure that they have plenty of options.

Last Minute Thoughts

So how to attract birds to your balcony? well, there are different methods that can help you attract birds to your balcony. If you’ve read the above article then you may have learned some basic steps.

To summarise the whole article, attracting birds to your balcony might be easier than you think. All you need to do is to keep your balcony safe from predators and make it a food source for them.

Don’t forget to provide them shelter and put some birdhouses along with birdbaths for them. Moreover, birds love birdbaths along with greenery therefore, putting some plants will help you expedite the process.

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