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Do Birds Hibernate or Migrate?

There are different animals that hibernate during the winter seasons. However, the question arises do birds hibernate or migrate?

Some birds “migrate” to areas with warmer climates during the cold weather while some of them go into a state like hibernation which is known as “torpor”.

However, there’s a common misconception that all birds migrate during the cold winters. This is not the case for all birds although most of them do there are some birds that stay and wait for the winters to end.

However, during their stay, they don’t hibernate just like some other animals. Yes, it is a little shocking for those who don’t know it already. Well, there’s another phenomenon called torpor.

In this article, we’ll learn about migrating and non-migrating birds and how they survive different situations. If you want to learn all that then keep reading.

Do Birds Migrate During the Winters?

do birds hibernate or migrate?

The answer to this question is yes, most of the birds migrate during the winter seasons.

You’ll find different species of birds that are known to travel thousands of miles during winters.

Some of them fly south while others follow coasts and rivers until they reach their destination.

Also, some other stop on their way during the nighttime to feed or rest.

The important thing that you have to know is that no matter how long the flight is, birds are able to complete it within a record time ranging from hours up to days.

However, they need food and rest on their way which is why some of them stop for few hours before continuing their journey.

Well, migrating is not an easy task. Some birds fly for days and face storms, cold weather making it difficult to survive the long journey.

Do all birds migrate for the winter?

The answer to this question is no. There are some birds that stay in colder regions during the winters and wait for it to end.

These types of birds hibernate unlike other animals because birds don’t have thick fur or fat layer which ensures their survival during the winter times.

Some people think that all birds migrate for the cold seasons for this reason.

The interesting question is that what do these non-migrating birds do during winters? Do they hibernate just like other animals?

Well, let’s discuss the mechanism of hibernation and torpor used by different birds for their survival, shall we?

What is Torpor?

Just as mentioned earlier, some of the birds don’t migrate to hotter regions. In fact, they stay in the cold weather and go into a state of torpor. However, you may be thinking about what is torpor now. Well, torpor is actually a state of deep sleep or unconsciousness that is similar to hibernation.

These birds get into torpor during the colder days and nights when they can’t find any food, their heart rate decreases which helps them survive longer in winters.

During torpor, their metabolic rate also slows down which ensures their survival by providing them their minimum requirement of food and energy.

Do You Know? A bird’s metabolic rate can reduce to 95%. This is also known as short-term hibernation. 

Are There Any Dangers of Torpor?

Did you know that during the winter season there are more chances of accidents due to low visibility?

Yes, you heard it right which means not only humans but birds also face this issue. However, they have their own ways to ensure safety during winters or else they cannot survive for so long.

Although torpor reduces the metabolic rate of the birds, it does not affect their natural instinct and senses that keep them safe from accidents and predators.

Some people think that when a bird is in torpor, there’s an increased chance for its death but this is wrong. The truth is that during the winter seasons, they decrease their metabolism which helps them to live longer.

Torpor is like a state of hibernation and it’s not dangerous for the birds. They go into this state while facing food shortage during winters and it helps them to live longer without wasting away their energy.

Topor During the Winter

When winter is in its peak, it’s important for the birds to survive the harsh weather conditions.

During this time, their metabolic rate decreases which help them to live longer without any food. However, it’s important for the birds to get into torpor when they enter into colder regions because during winters it’s too cold for them.

So, as soon as they feel that it’s getting colder and they can’t find any food, they enter into a state of hibernation or torpor.

This enables them to live longer during winters because it has several benefits, for instance, decreasing their metabolic rate by 95%. This way they can conserve more energy which helps them to survive this harsh weather condition.

During the time of hibernation, birds also save their fat reserves and energy for the next morning.

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Torpor vs. Sleeping

Some people think that birds go into hibernation during the winter season but it’s not. Well, there are several differences between torpor and sleep like their duration, how they feel when they wake up, etc.

When you enter into a state of sleep or torpor, you feel refreshed when you wake up whereas in the case of hibernation, you feel a little bit foggy.

Another difference between sleep and torpor is that in the state of sleep, your brain activity decreases which means you muddle things up but in the case of torpor, there’s no such danger as birds don’t have any cognitive or intellectual power during this time.   

There are plenty of differences between torpor and sleep but as a bird lover, it’s important for you to understand the difference between both so that you can help them in making a better choice.

What is Hibernation?

a bird hunting before migration

Hibernation refers to a deep sleep that is different than the torpor state. The main difference between both states is that while birds experience torpor for shorter periods, they hibernate for longer times which may range from days up to several months depending upon the species.

In hibernation, the metabolic processes of a bird decrease to a great extent which ensures their survival for longer periods.

Additionally, you need to know that different birds have different hibernation patterns depending upon their location and food availability during winter times.

How Birds Survive During Winters?

Now the question arises how do these birds survive in winters? Well, there are different mechanisms that birds use for their survival during the winters. However, the most important one is torpor or deep sleep which helps them to survive by slowing down their metabolic rate.

Other techniques that help them stay alive include finding shelter in burrows made by other animals and also finding food when needed.

How do Birds Migrate?

Now that you know how birds survive during the winters it’s time to move on to another important question which is related to migration.

Well, let’s first discuss what migration actually is. The simple definition of the word includes moving from one place or region to another for breeding, feeding or any other purpose.

However, this definition isn’t sufficient to explain how birds migrate, right? So let’s further discuss the process of bird migration.

During the migration birds generally use winds as their primary source of energy to fly from one region to another. However, it doesn’t mean that they can fly continuously for hours without stopping.

In fact, the flight paths of different migrating birds take a different route during winters and summers. During winter times, you will see flocks flying over mountains and continents whereas during summer times you will find them flying along the coasts.

These are the different techniques used by migrating birds for their survival during winters. Thus, it is very important to know these techniques before constructing any bird’s home in your region.

Did You Know? During the winter months, 75% of birds in North America migrate to areas with a warmer climate. As a result, 25% of birds will remain in the region during the winter.

Why Do Some Species Not Migrate?

Now that you know the different techniques used by migrating birds, let’s discuss the question asked earlier why do some species not migrate.

There are some regions where birds can find food even during winters. These places are warm throughout the year and help them avoid migration to other regions, thus avoiding cold conditions.

So, what do you think? Why do some species not migrate during winter times? Well, these birds get into a torpor state for longer periods which ensures their survival during winters without moving to other areas.

Apart from that, there are some other reasons due to which they don’t migrate. Below are some of the main reasons due to which birds go into a torpor state instead of migrating to different locations.

It Saves Energy:

Some species don’t migrate during winters because they understand that it requires a lot of energy to fly from one region to another. In addition, migrating also includes the risk of getting caught in bad weather which may lead to accidents and loss of life.

So, these birds maintain their normal body temperature throughout winter and die if there is no food available in their region.

They Can Find Food:

The next reason due to which some species don’t migrate is that they can find food in their region throughout winters without moving elsewhere. Thus, increasing the chances of their survival.

Thus, these are the main reasons due to which some species do not migrate during winter times and prefer torpor instead.

Important for Nurturing Young Ones:

In addition, there is another important reason due to which some species don’t migrate during winters. The reason includes nurturing their young ones until they are mature enough to survive without the adult’s support.

To sum it up, migration by birds is a complex process and thus requires a lot of thinking before deciding whether they should move to other regions or not.

List of Birds that Don’t Migrate During the Winters:

migrating birds

Now that you have understood why some species of birds do not migrate during the winters, let’s move on to another question. Which are those species that don’t migrate during winters? This section will answer this question and more such questions related to the topic.

Well, if we try to list every species which doesn’t migrate during winter times, it will be a never-ending list. So, we have tried our best to narrow down your search and have listed some of the main species that don’t migrate during winter times.

  • House Sparrows:
  • poorwills
  • Hummingbirds
  • Swifts
  • Doves
  • Frogmouths
  • Roadrunners
  • Chickadees

List of Birds that Migrate During the Winters:

In addition, I have also listed those species that migrate during the winters. The list includes:

  • Crows
  • Jays
  • Cowbirds
  • Ducks
  • Terns
  • Eagles 
  • Falcons 
  • Swallows
  • Hawk
  • Cranes
  • Geese
  • Bluebirds
  • Robins
  • Pelicans

What do birds do in the winter?

Birds migrate to warmer areas when the weather becomes cold in their area. They have to travel a great distance without food or water, so they need a lot of fat built up before they leave. 

When birds get off the plane at their destination, most of them are too tired and hungry to take part in the mating rituals that follow their arrival.

Do birds migrate

Yes! birds fly south when they get cold.

Birds don’t really eat the kind of food we do, so it’s hard for us to understand just how important it is to them. Every bird species has its own way of dealing with winter’s hardships, but most birds cope in similar ways.

How do birds survive winter?

Most birds live in the polar regions. More than half the species of birds found in North America winter south of the U.S. border and all but a few species have at least some members that migrate.

While many people enjoy watching the bright colors and beautiful songs of birds during much of the year, they should also take a moment to think about the hardships of winter.

Do robins hibernate?

No. Robins are one of the many species of birds that migrate south for the winter to escape colder temperatures and lack of food sources. They typically migrate at night in small flocks or by themselves if they are nesting, but during migration, they tend to flock together.

Do parrots hibernate?

No, parrots would die if they did this. it is because parrots are tropical birds that they would die if they were to hibernate. There are also many other reasons why parrots don’t do this.

Does a sparrow migrate for winter?

Most of the time, yes. Sparrows are one of the species that travel south for the colder months. They typically flock together during migration and travel at night.

Final Words

Do Birds Hibernate or Migrate? well, most birds migrate from colder regions to hotter regions which is called migration. However, there are some birds that do not migrate but instead of migration they just go into a hibernation-like state called torpor.

I’ve discussed torpor in detail in the above article as well as mentioned some birds that go into torpor state. In addition, I’ve also mentioned a short list of birds that do not migrate during the winters as well as those which migrate.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. If yes, please feel free to share it with your friends and family.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have something on your mind.

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